Pro-Keds Metro Slip-On - Dura Cool Mesh - Royal High Graffiti

Pro Keds is a sneaker company that has been around for sometime now, and does not get the recognition they deserve, but maybe with the release of some new Pro Keds will turn for the better. Pro Keds will release new styles of the Metro Slip-On Signature Campus, Dura Cool Mesh and Royal High Graffiti. Each pair is unique in their own way, but our favorite is the Graffiti Royal Highs. Check your local Pro Keds dealer for a release date. Via HB.

Pro-Keds Metro Slip-On - Dura Cool Mesh - Royal High Graffiti
Pro-Keds Metro Slip-On - Dura Cool Mesh - Royal High Graffiti

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  1. I think they are doing it well. I actually plan on doing a review on a bunch of their new (and old) sneaks. No one seems to be paying attention, but they do have some hot sneakers. Too bad about the split in the Roc family cause I think Pro Keds could be doing better if it was hooked up with Rocawear.

  2. All you young blog gangsters need to do your history. Chucks were west coast and Pro Keds were east coast, way before Nike was even a player. All you fake ass "streetwear" dudes better recognize and do the knowledge. I'm tired of hearing the hate from dudes who never even experienced Hip Hop in its purest forms. So graffitti legend COPE 2, DONDI,Crazy Legs of the world famous Rock Steady Crew, Bobbito, DJ KEV E KEV, Nate Tiny Archibald, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Bahr Brown of Everything Must Go in NYC, Martha Cooper, Jamel Shabazz, the list goes on and on, are all irrelevant?

    You are all a recycled trend generation. If you hate on these I better never see another rapper or hip hop quotable on another "cool guy" t-shirt.