Last night Detroit guard Allen Iverson debuted the Answer XII, the newest model from his long-running signature line with Reebok on the road against the Los Angeles Lakers. Toned in a simple white/red color scheme, the shoe features a prominent, Question-inspired suede toebox and translucent add-on that is carefully affixed to the forefoot and extends along the outsole. (I’m sorry, I feel like a chump for knowing next to nothing about the shoe technically–look for updates soon!) The good folks at Reebok let us know that the shoe is slated for a February release sometime around All-Star Weekend,(this is tenative; I’ve heard reports of a January drop) so be sure to check out the brand’s inventive Omni Hexride in the meantime!


  1. FIRST!!!!! They look ok I guess. Need better screens and more colorways to make final decision.

  2. look at that says:

    not to be off topic but,

    if you look at kobe's shoes the outline of it doesnt look like hyperdunks at all,

    it actually looks like his 4's but mid top.

  3. THey look like the second coming of the Questions!! ME want!

  4. ManniX4Prez says:

    ^^^Nope Looks Like HyperDunks 2 Me!!!

    As Far As The Answer 12.. They Ok I Guess. Not My Liking. Don't Mess With Any Of The Answers. They All Ugly. These Kinda Look Like AJ 14

  5. bklynSNKRhead says:

    the kix r ok… and those r the kobe 4 and hyperdunk hybrid

  6. IkonRadio says:

    They're okay. I can honestly say I never owned a pair of Iverson's and I'm cool with not ever owning a pair. Reebok has always made bulky looking shoes to me. In fact the only pair of Reebok's I had were the Pumps.

  7. sneaker "OG&quo says:

    I have been waiting for another AI. sneaker like those first ?'s. This is it!!! I can not wait to cop, these are fire!!!

  8. u guys ain't shoeheads…kobe shoes r just a combination of the hyperdunk's upper & the kobe 4's outsole

    the answer 12 ain't bad at all – they look clean…

    rbk & adidas coming hard at Nike next year..the retro/fusion hype is played out

  9. unlimitedfutwear says:

    first off Kobe is wearing a hybrid of the kobe 4 and the hyperdunk. Second I want these kicks (to ball in lol). I bet they r weightless. AS far as them being the second coming of the question OH NO!!!

  10. Detroit is the hardest team out. PERIOD

  11. Hirshkidplayaa.i.3 says:

    sick shoes. wen do they go to stores

  12. Thaddeusd says:

    Good eyes "Look at that" they are.

  13. love the iverson answer 12 thay look so good i am getting every coler that comes out i have the iverson shoes and these are what i need the 1st pistions iverson shoes

  14. the answer 12 comes out in feb cant wait they will cost 100.00 un like kobes ugly a** shoes

  15. iverson…. mvp……


  17. kobes ugly azz shoes

  18. idk wat da fuck kobe sportin dey look like hyperdunks too meh and dem AI's go had and im bout to cop meh a pair dis feb. wen dey come out


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