NikeStore Twitter Troll Sunglasses Jordan 12 Wings

Some of you probably lucked out and were able to purchase the ‘Wings’ Air Jordan 12 that released this past weekend, however it appears that the majority of entrants were not selected. The reaction via social networks from the unlucky ones have been good and bad.

One individual who goes by the name Lip Jig by Jason was one of the many who didn’t win the draw. Instead of getting upset about it, he asked the official NikeStore account on Twitter if they had anything to help wipe his tears away. This is where things got funny:

While Nike’s response is one for the books, it sure won’t help with loosing out on one of this years biggest releases. Even though the intention was to be funny, they also got to plug one of their products. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of their response.

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