Nike Zoom Soldier 3 (III) - New Colorways

The Nike Zoom Soldier 3 (III) has already released in a coupkle general release (GR) styles, and we now have a look at four more GR colorways. The first style hosts a white upper with red accents, while the second pair yields a similar white upper with purple accents. The third sneaker features a black on grey design, the fourth style has a white upper with green accents, the fifth colorway hosts a white upper with navy accents, and the final pair yields a white upper with blue accents. Be on the lookout for all five new colorways of the Nike Zoom Soldier 3 (III) to release in the near future.

Via FlightClub.

Nike Zoom Soldier 3 (III) - New Colorways

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  1. I just wanted to talk about the shoes here for a second. I have been wearing them for about a month now and they are better then expected. I really like the overall feel and comfort of these shoes. The toe part is brilliant, where you can step and the shoe conforms to the angle. I have other Jordans and other LeBrons, and if I was going to play in one game, these would be my gameday shoes. 4 out of 5 stars.

  2. ^^^ AGREED!!! I love mine and the toe area is the best part. Its as if the toe cap is a separate part of the shoe alltogether and when you take a step it does not loosen up the lace area like every other shoe keeping your foot stable and in lock down position at all times. Great shoe to ball in, I use mine outdoors and they are built like boots, real touch construction that can handle taking a beating.

  3. C/S with ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    I bought a pair of the teal joints an played in them (indoor) an they are grade A balling shoes, I love them.