Nike Zoom Lebron VI (6) - Los Angeles

The Los Angeles edition of the Nike Zoom Lebron VI (6) debuted yesterday and today new information of the sneaker has been reported. A picture of the Los Angeles model has appeared at Leaders1354 with the boutique claiming that their pair doesn’t feature the controversial multi-colored logo at the heel. The logo quite possibly could have been digitally  produced to make it look like the logo correlates to the sneaker. Furthermore, this Lebron VI is from the personal stash of Leaders1354 and there is no word if it will be released anytime soon.

Nike Zoom Lebron VI (6) - Los Angeles


  1. Come on Homie!!!! Now you gotta admit you would wear these quickier than you would wear those Jordan PHLY Legends RIGHT MIKE????? LOL–

  2. whatever your vice is…you know…whatever you like to do…get into your comfort zone baby…hovito baby, no equal baby.

  3. these look alot better than the last pics of these. i was not feelin that rainblow gay pride logo before.

  4. Everybody that said the 3s were not sick are complete fu**in idiots, the 3s are prolly the best ones ever so far and then these 6s. And TAI dont ever compare any jordan shoes to lebrons shoes, jordan shoes are 500 times better then any lebrons. Jordans slippers look better then all these. haha

  5. ^ Nick, Nobody said the 3s were not sick???!!! Let alone 'everybody' which is plural. I know you can read because you commented to Tai. Easycorn opined that the 2's were better than the 3's and looked similar…Which is a poor assessment because anybody who has all the Lebrons knos the 2s look like 5s if comparing to another lebron shoe, because of the strap, clearly. The 3's are by far my favorite Lebron and are unique. The 2's are cool but old school. The 4's are steel toe boots. The 6's are OK and I wear them out all the time, 6's ain't nothing special to collect. I rather collect the 5 blue, now that's beautiful.


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