While it appears that King James will be trying to help the Eastern Conference prevail against the Western Conference at the All-Star game in Dallas, Texas with the help of his Lebron VII “2010 East All-Star,” a different LBJ signature series silhouette might be chosen come Playoffs time. If you remember, Lebron and many of his teammates sported the Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier III in most of its games during the 2009 NBA Playoffs. And now that pictures of these two Lebron Soldier IVs have surfaced, don’t be surprised if something similar happens this year.

In true LBJ “Soldier” fashion, both of the colorways pictured here come with a strap that goes over the shoe laces, above which you can find a small tag that identifies each pair as being a “Soldier 4.” Upon closer examination, you will also see that both the white/navy and white/green pairs of the Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier IV pictured here come with a silver LBJ medallion, silver LBJ lion logo on the tongue, and the Dunkman logo stretching from the bottom to the top of the heel. You can check out more pictures of each pair after the jump, while crossing your fingers and hoping that word of an actual stateside release is true. Either way, we’ll keep you updated as more and more is learned about the Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier IV.

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  1. no what abot the other ones they said were the soldier iv's, they were way better than these

  2. seriusly dissapointing..for one its basically the same..the toe area is da same..the side panels are basically the same..the back of the shoe where the dunkman is is the same..i have the ZS3's n dey were way better then these..try harder lebron

  3. These shoes be as bland as a bowl of grits, but when dat strap be catchin my eye, this shoe be poppin!