We’ve already seen other sneaker brands ready themselves for 2010 All-Star weekend in Dallas, Texas. adidas, for example, has already prepared the Concord mid in both Eastern Conference and Western Conference colorways. Now, it’s Nike’s turn to worry about All-Star weekend, at least as it pertains to one of their two biggest star athletes. The Nike Air Max Lebron VII pictured here is the brand’s concoction for Lebron James to wear as part of the Eastern Conference All-Star team. The shoe’s mudguard and toe box area come covered in a woodgrain material, with blue covering the rest of the upper and outsole. Black is used on the Nike swoosh, flywire threading, midsole, shoe laces, and ankle lining. Does this colorway scream, “Move over LBJ VII ‘Dunkman?’ ” Let us know how you feel once you’ve checked out the rest of the pictures after the jump.


  1. East Siddeeee!! Lol, dez joints is tuff but wut does the jersey look lik?! It looks lik its not gonna match rite..

  2. great! looks nice but why black..go with all blue to match the uni right? ..what does the zkv look like and i hope not all red..more white/fire red with gold accents would be golden..we shall see though.