Nike Zoom LeBron 7 (VII) GS Sample First Look

Although a fuzzy image surfaced online some weeks ago, we now present to you a clear picture of the Nike Zoom LeBron 7 (VII). For the people left in shock (good or bad), this is an early sample, so the look can change, and the pair shown is actually a grade school (GS) size. Rumors are floating around the the Nike Zoom LeBron 7 will have a Max Lebron VII logo, flywire, and as we can see a visible air sole unit. The Black on Black pair pictured is said to release December 1st, but other colorways should start rolling out October 2009. Via NT.

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  1. the visible air sole is not lebron at all. pretty much throw a strap on this and call it a hypermax right? btw if your feeling the hypermaxes, is selling for $120. you can also get a hold of PE Hypermaxes on the bay, Jermaine Oneals, Boozer and Gasols going for $3! those shoes are legit!

  2. Can you say Powermax x Hyperdunk?

    Conversation in the Nike basketball offices:

    "what to do about lebron's shoe for this year?"

    "i don't know…hey, copy room guy, any ideas?"

    "ummmm…take the best shoes you have now and make them one…"

    "Brilliant! what are the best shoes we have..uhh..the Powermax and the Hyperdunk. So we mix those."

    "But we've already done that. It's called the hypermax."

    "Ok, then we'll do it again and call it the PowerDunk. Lebron does that a lot anyway."

  3. Love lebron like the kicks but tpain i see what u saying lol nike and jordan killing it lately wit wack fusions ect. Love nike from the 90s not to many new pairs i mess with. Maybe some 2k4,hyperdunk,lebron2's besides that new sneakers wack

  4. Not quite sure how I'm feeling about these yet. One thing I can always say about the Lebrons is that they are original. This just looks like a mash-up, they can do much better. but this is just a sample, so maybe some better elements can be implemented later.

  5. These are wack I hope they do like everyother Lbron and this is just the 1st one they relize its dumb and make a dope model. Remember at one point the zoom air ambassitor was thought to be the lebron.

  6. i know they said this shoe will be light but it looks like a tank to be honest with ya..ill cop the soldier III and be happy..def pass for me..most of brons shoes are way too heavy for me!

  7. Im glad to see a clean shoe,nice lines not to over the top.I dont like the 400 different pair of VI's.Id buy these

  8. idk bout these the do like the hypermax a lot but somethin tells me its gon b fresh 2 death every1 said the same thing bout the 6 and 2 b real wit yall these is gon do the smae thing