Nike Zoom LeBron 5 Low and Solider 2 Summer 2008

Although colors for Summer should be light, Nike is set to release a pair of Nike Zoom LeBron 5 Low and Zoom LeBron Solider 2 in all Black. Both are very interesting, maybe with a splash of color they might be more appealing.

But, I am sure the main purpose of the shoe (which is Basketball) will prevail in that category. Pictures thanks to NTinfomaniac.

Nike Zoom LeBron Solider 2
Nike Zoom LeBron 5 Low and Solider 2 Summer 2008

Nike Zoom LeBron 5 Low
Nike Zoom LeBron 5 Low and Solider 2 Summer 2008

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  1. this website hasn't posted anything interesting for the last MONTH! these are as ugly as all the other posted in the last couple of weeks. How hard is it to filter the gems from all the PR-bullsjit Nike fires at us, huh?

    Step up, crew, you're gonna loose visitors…

  2. I like the original soldier better, and 5 low ain't so good. Don't even think nike came out with cool Kix this year

  3. I agree on the potential with different materials and/or colors in there. The technical specs must be top of the line though…would be nice to slip into those.

    And to that hater 2 comments above: Until you're hosting a popping sneaker blog with crazy upcomings, previews and features you need to shut your trap or at least suggest something constructive.

    This site is clean and to the point with daily updates…they don't make the shoes, they simply circulate information. Who are you to spout empty threats on their traffic. Pick up a sharp knife and get it over with, it'll spare you future embarrassments.

  4. I like the soldier 2 in black better

    excited for the zoom 5 low, still don't know why there was no zoom 4 low