Just this week we passed on to our followers word of the Nike Zoom Kobe V “Chaos” releasing right before the end of this year. Now, it is our pleasure to preview for you a different colorway of Kobe’s next signature sneaker installment from Nike. Pictured here is the Nike Zoom Kobe V in very classic Los Angeles Lakers “Away” colors of purple, black, and yellow. How do you feel this colorway compares to the “Chaos” pair? And what do you think about the actual sneaker design now that a less busy color palette has been applied to it?



  1. 1st? they look like a sharks head…. not sure if thats good or bad- look nice to ball in tho

  2. 1st!!!! These are too hot to handle!!!!!! For all of you Kobe haters I know even you want a pair of these bad boys!!!!! Keep doing it nike, Beautiful is an understatement!!!!

  3. shawn, I take it back, you were first….you beat me by 1 minute!

    True first goes to you! Respect man!

  4. how many colorways are they going to come up with?

  5. the iv's were way better…this looks like a cheap or even fake version of a kobe sneaker, i think they coulda done a much better job

  6. ehh..looks like some low top hyperdunks. i wouldnt be surprised if kobe DIDNT wanna ball in these.

  7. Steelo Brown says:

    I like the IV's better, but these are starting to grow on me.

  8. CHOPPAAAA says:

    They gave kobe some shitty shoes, to help promote the lebrons more LOL…These shoes wont take away from Lebrons sales at all LOL

  9. bigstriker says:

    i'm still not real big on these but I have to say they are growing on me

  10. damn i aint really feelin this one the IV was so much better but between lebron VII is better this time…. kobe won wit the IV but Lebron won wit the VIIs

  11. these pics making me want em

  12. These suck the Lebron VI's were fresh as were the Kobe IV's. Whats Nike thinking with this bullsh**???

  13. they wrinkle at the bottom after wearing em just like the hyperdunks

    cmon nike u gotta fix that

    still pretty sleak

  14. They suck i hope kobe will still wear the 4's. and i think the shoe is heavy

  15. lebrons#1fan says:

    kobes a bum and all his sneakers are crap except for the kobe 1

  16. gdiemaster says:

    for people saying that Kobe's line is garbage.. uhm.

    NOT WHEN KOBE OUTSELLS Lebrons. And he don't even have to have his own box for that matter.

    The Kobe IV broke barriers when it came to performance. I'm sure the V will do the same and maybe even surpass the IV.

    I'm all for it. 4 RINGS vs, NONE. Period.

  17. damn shawn and JX says:

    fuck you both

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