You can often times learn a lot about a player’s interests/hobbies by learning of the inspiration behind certain sneaker releases of theirs. It should be pretty easy to put the pieces together with Kobe Bryant’s Nike Hyperdunk low “Snake Pool” we showed you last month because number 24’s connection with snakes can be seen as easily as in his nickname- the Black Mamba. However, Kobe’s newest signature Nike shoe, the Zoom Kobe V, is what’s used this time to reveal a little bit more about Kobe.

If you didn’t already know, Kobe is a big fan of Kung Fu and the Martial Arts. To that extent, the NIke Zoom Kobe V pictured here was designed with perhaps the most famous Martial Arts specialist ever in mind- Bruce Lee. The yellow laces and upper should remind other Bruce Lee fans of the bodysuit he wore in “The Game of Death,” while the scratch marks near the toe area are reminiscent of Bruce Lee’s look while fighting in “Enter the Dragon.” Reportedly scheduled for a Spring/Summer 2010 release, you can score a pair VERY early from select retailers at an appropriately costly price. How do you feel about the Nike Zoom Kobe V and this particular source of inspiration?


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  1. The Kobe V's are actually starting to grow on me. This colorway is a little too loud for my taste, but I like the inspiration behind them.