Nike Zoom Kobe III Catalog Picture

Ok, I am kind of at a lost on the new Nike Zoom Kobe III I actually hope this is not the pair releasing, but according to docious this is indeed the Nike Zoom Kobe III. Their are two color ways releasing for now the Grey, Light Blue, White and Black, Grey with accents of Yellow. More information coming soon. Via docious.

Nike Zoom Kobe III Catalog Picture
Nike Zoom Kobe III Catalog Picture


  1. errrr this cant be it… i was hopin his third shoe would look like something like the ZOOM 1's… boy was i wrong…

  2. This must be his summer shoe or something. Kobe please don't bring these out. I have the Zoom Kobe 1s and 2s, but I will not buy these.

  3. WOW! Kobe fell off with these. Those should go straight to clearance and if they did I still wouldn't buy them.

  4. Man…the Kb2 just came out, plus Nike hasn't even had an advertising campaign for those yet. I think they were on to something with the 2's but these are atrocious(spellcheck)!! I work for Nike and I'm giving these 2 thumbs down

  5. i was thinking they were trying to do like jordans with good shoe after good shoe but they droped the ball with this

  6. muthafukas look like basket-woven shoes i dont care im startin to not like the nike zoom line i keep looking at their products online but never buy them and im still not convinced to buy them and these kobe III samples are justifying my opinion

  7. they can't be the lites, they have a different base. but i'm not hating these. although i was expecting more. plus whats up with the colourways? shouldn't they have the lakers colours in the catalogue?

  8. They look like the New Kobe Spiderman 3 shoes with the new web design. Hopefully these shoes can make you climb walls because the style is horrific! Nike is really regressing with this design. Just because Kobe isn't happy with Laker management doesn't mean Nike should abandon Kobe by not putting any thought in his shoe design.

  9. the zk3 is so tuff.i love the look of the shoe.the mesh look really brings the zk3 out as the best sneaker of the 2007-08 season.these are the best kobes so far to me.i hope they come out so i can get them.

  10. Hey what is this…this is very ugly shoe..Kobe suck……i never buy them…..they look like sprider-man 3 new shoe

  11. those cant be lites.. lites are still by-the-zk2's soles with a lil touch from sheath/ultimate and the strengths.. dats wat i heard

  12. that is why he is signing with a new brand when his contract is up don't worry you won't see Kobe in those shoes.

  13. is this true??!!!??? i hate the new kobe3 shoe.. they're like fish nets,, well at least they do have the purpose of getting some fishlings for supper. THERE YOU GO KOBE,, GO GET YOUR FISHLINGS!!! NYAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    well i still prefer the airjordan shoes…..THEY'RE THE BEST!!!!

  14. it seems like kobe has his hand in the design of his shoes too much . adidas and now nike . i hope li ning doesnt go for it

  15. Looking at these hideous shoes just made me hungry for some waffles but damn I'm all out of Eggos. These kicks are so wack-ass. What a disappointing release for the best basketball player in the world right now. I'll stick with my Jays, thank you.

  16. these lack charector like the zk1 and zk2….i just bought zk2 maybe the best shoes ive had..i am dissapointed wit this lame effect from nike

  17. cmon guys! he wont sign up for li ning.. he's too much for that.. no offense guys but the dude is like more than that.. damon jones was the first guy who wore li ning and it was good cuz the dude wants to be different with others and hey, damon jones was from and-1.. now kobe nike -> li-ning.. dont know bout that.. just bcuz he's havin some visits in china doesnt mean he'll sign up for it..

  18. or this might be the prototype.. we'll see.. but hope they will get better in terms of design and functionality like do those nets give more lockdown than strengths? =P

  19. wow. those are so ugly. I loved kobes first 2 shoes but this one!?!? they might be comfy and have all this technology, but those are the ugliest basketball shoes i hav ever seen.

  20. im a huge fan of kobe but those r TERRIBLE!!! i wish nike stop these ugly shoes cuz they r wasting lots of money

  21. All you guys complaining about the first look at the Kobe's. You guys all said the same thing about the Kobe II's. "Oh they're sooooo ugly!!! If they release these i'll never buy no more Nikes!!!" Then to days later "Oh those are copped!!! Nike know's what they're doing!" You all need to chill cause in three more weeks you will all be sayin the opposite of what you are sayin now.

  22. they are very interesting. they do look comfotabl and comforts #1 but im just not feelin the design i think i have to see them in person. KB24 is king!!! and those shoes ars not fit for a KING


  24. Damn nike is killing kobe. If those are gonna be the kobe 3 then he should just sign with li ning. I'm surprised they did'nt put fish nets on the toe part cuz everything else looks like a damn fish net.

  25. Well they are certainly different that's for sure? I don't know if I would buy these? I mean unless I had sweaty feet??? please scap this design and come back with that proven signature design that NIKE is known for? that sleek, eye candy that's make one say D A M N I got's to have me a pair!!! holla back at cha boy!!!

  26. Hey Nike & Kobe, you guys need to come with the fire shoe? like the Flights 95' 96' J.Kidd's (FIRE) Ooohhh wwweee or at least something on that line of "D A M N" I've gots ta hav dat shoe main! that's means I've got's to have that shoe MMMAAANNNN!!! because if these are the Kobe III's man I don't know if I would buy these? FOR REAL! and I have ALL of Kobe's t-shoes even when he was with Adidas. So PLEASE come out with something better looking than the one's that have been posted on this site!!! THANKS…

  27. the shoes r gettin worse by the year the I's were great the II were ok but the III's r just horrible i hope this is not the shoe for release

  28. I think these sneakers are more similar to the new lebrons than the kobes that can't be kobes it is a lie i seen the kobes they look nothing like that the lebrons r similar what do u guys think

  29. ohhh… geeesh… those are realy ugly man! I hope theyll change the design. I mean, man, kobe is the #1 basketbal player in the world nowadays so they better come up with a more better design than that.

  30. um… these things ar horrible. i hope they are just samples and they add to it i mean add ALOT. they look very comfortable and light for training but i hope if i wear them no one see's me havent u noticed every shoe comp. is going down! jordan,lebrons,kobe's,iverson! by the way jordans are stoppin after the XX3

  31. what the hell is that. y would they to that to kobe. disrespectful i c they dont care he does not even get a designer box like bron disrespectful

  32. These are just awefull! I hope they dont release em cause obviously they wont sell and they wont look good on you! Fishing nett over some air soles…Yucky!!

  33. If these gonna be the kicks for kobe, he better garentee himself that MVP trophy and a trip to the NBA finals, cuz it will never sell unless he kills every team that comes to him. And EVEN FOR THAT… i will only THINK about getting them… so far my chances of getting these kicks are negative 100%

  34. Im a big fan of the man and his zk1 and zk2 line, but these waffle shoes are just wrong. If this shoe is actually released, nike is wrong for that.

  35. I know these cant be Kobe III's, WTF Nike. I will go buy ANY other shoe before I even pick that shoe up…you guys ought to be ashame for this shoe!! LOL

  36. i dont mind the gray and blue but the black seriously looks stupid. maybe they will look better in person but i dont know.

  37. They look good to me, its different than other shoes. Whatever I wear I make look good, if the best reps these then I just gotta jock him. Yall nuts these the bomb

  38. i got to wear a pair las week in a few games let me tell you they maybe ugly but they are the lightest most comfortable shoe i have ever worn

  39. i got to wear a pair last week in a few games let me tell you they maybe ugly but they are the lightest and most comfortable pair of shoes i have ever worn

  40. These shoes look like fish nets. They're almost as ugly as the new balance (not like id ever wear new balance basketball shoes) basketball shoes but not that bad. Please Kobe, just make more 2k4s those were the best

  41. I just saw a commercial for nike with that big black dude from white chicks–the one who's the yoked up one in all the other movies. It was for new nike shoes, the new LeBron's, Barkley Re-issues, and unfortunately these fugly Kobe 3's.

  42. yea but they look really lite weight and really comfortable

    the only problem is they look rubber the blacks arent too bad

  43. Hold on a second, you guys are making madd jokes about the Kobe III? You're probably going to be the ones in front of me in the line trying to get this shoe. For all I care this shoe is better than all the Mikes combined. So just relax and wait till it comes out so we can all wear it like fans do. Peace!

  44. I think he was wearing these on X-mas day but I couldn't really tell. Honestly I don't get it. Jordan had some ugly signature shoes too but not this ugly. I don't even think different color ways could make this shoe look good. Kobe's putting too much trust in the designers at Nike. I can't imagine he had any input into the design of this shoe, at least I hope not.

  45. they r tight!I got a chance to try a pair on and they are light and feel good on my feet.At first the looks are different,,but they grow on ya! Ight den

  46. say what you gotta say but performance wise, it's on the tops! it's really durable and light like a muthafreakah! you boy's should actually wear em first before u start hatin…if i had i an extra pair, i would've given it you you haters and i bet a hundred percent, u still gonna be wearing this K 3's…

  47. i saw these on TV durin a foot locker ad and they didnt look terrible, but now that i get a better look at em they are the ugliest shoes ive seen in awhile…i have both nike zooms and even got the strengths, but i wont get these ugly ice cream cones!!

  48. i wish i could have shoes as nice the J's. but i will never be good as Jordan and i will never be able to come out w/ a better looking shoe either.

  49. I'm new to this site cause I wanted to see them up close. But this is it. Do anyone remember the first hurraches the Nike brought back, that almost the entire league was in? Well they were the first kobe, but Nike pulled his name from the shoe cause of the "rape" issue. These shoes are simular. (For true ballers) It hugs your foot and the hurraches had like 5 of Nike all-time greatest sneaks all in one. Alot of jordans we said were ugly until we saw him play in them, don't hate be real. I thought they were ugly too until I saw him play in them in the garden " best place to unveil " then Christmas, just like Nike to hold and play cards. They look good on his feet. If not why are we heretalking bout them, next thing you know, your gonna be at the store with them in tour hand saying " you got these in a size….." that's how mike and Nike Got us 23 years later! PS I can name 5 j's that's ugly and 3 that uncomfortable and I STILL bought em

  50. Yo y'all bugging. I just scrolled back up top. Them shit's hot!!! Specially them blue and gray. The saying goes " if you quick to judge, you not being fair. Don't nock it til you've tried it!! "

  51. give these kicks some time, im sure theyll grow on u

    i mean, when i first saw them lbj4s, i almost cried, but then i realized they were one of the best shoes ever. so ima be positive on this one, lets just see how its performance is before we judge

  52. oh, and for the retard who used Kobe Bryant as the name,

    you're one screwed up son of a bitch who probably doesnt even watch basketball. you know nothing about shit. just some random hater, kobe is undeniably the best in the league

  53. Wut is everybody talking about these r sum good shoes!!!! But the only good color is the all black, they should put these on nike iD

  54. yea Kobe bryant is the best all around player in the world, he should hav @ least 2 MVPs…. Its just the NBA is hatin on the black man, the last 2 mvps hav been white WUTS UP WIT DAT!!!!!!!

  55. I think these shoes are hot…i have both of the kobe's last shoes and i cant wait to get the new kobe 3's. These shoes are very different from any basketball shoe i have ever seen, thats what i like about these shoes.

  56. Tried 'em on at an event in NY House of Hoops. Very comfortable, feel great. Kobe is really into these shoes. He contributed a lot of the design, and he really thinks they will help his game. Not promising anything, but I think you'll like them once you try them. Everyone says they want different until they see different. It's easy to keep putting out the same shoe over and over again.

  57. these shoes are the best shoe you could ball up in. I mean its lite and it has carbon fiber on the bottom of the freakin' shoe. wat more could u ask for in a bball shoe. Kobe is the best player in the world. Better than Jordan.

  58. I'm getn a pair (all black of course) but these shoes look way better on someones foot. doesn't help in the pics they have them tied so tight the two sides r touching!

  59. man these are by far one of the best shoes to hoop in. i got my pair already. i would even go as far as to say they are up there in the ranks with the 97 Foamposites(old penny hardaways). looks wise they could be better, but they will definitely grow on you. they extremely light.

  60. They look alright, kobe says all shoes are starting to look the same so he wanted to spice things up. good job Kob

  61. These shoes are balling every time i ball with these kicks i shot mad money. I'm the best 3 pt shooter on my team.

  62. Kobe is the closet thing to the legend Micheal Jordan in the Nba so just give him and Lebron James there respect in the league.Also Kobe will win his 4th championship rings and title this year with the new improve Lakers I will get every pair of Kobe Zoom 3 basketball shoes.

  63. those look ugly, i have all pairs of his previous kicks and sport his jerseys but those look too cheap. and the commercial he did for these are straight out embarrassing, looks like he took some tips from lebron’s crappy ass style

  64. Y0r sorns today with these shoes I shot a perfect 15 for 15 getting 35 points. Now my team advances to states

  65. WTF!!?? i couldn't even tell this was a shoe. looks like soem crappy spounge. Lebrons v's were 1,000,000,000 times better this year.

  66. I bought a pair they are extremely light ang great for basketball i love em. Design not so great but the performance is really worth it

  67. as ugly as they are, i guess they are suppos to be the most combatable pair of basketball shoes ever, and trust me i just picked them up, there AMAZING, but ur gonna have to sacifice looks for comfort if you want them

  68. as ugly as they are, i guess they are suppos to be the most combatable pair of basketball shoes ever, and trust me i just picked them up, there AMAZING, but ur gonna have to sacifice looks for comfort

  69. these shoes are sick!!!! i got me both of these..the comfort is amazing..and the way they look when ur running up and down the court… people just dont know shit about shoes..

  70. where did you guys buy these shoes from? My son wants a pair of Kobe III in black. I checked the foot locker, only the white one is available.


  71. Hello… I'm wanting to purchase a pair of Nike Zoom Kobe 3's size 11. I was wondering if I can just make the purchase from you with my credit card. If so how much and can I have your contact info… thanks so much. Jordan.


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