Nike Zoom Kobe III (3) Lakers China Edition

Releasing as a Asia Exclusive is the Nike Zoom Kobe III Lakers color scheme, and this pair is a Asia Release Only. The only way you could of got this pair in the United States if you went to the Kobe Event at the House of Hoops. Available for Pre-Order now at Kix-Files.



    EGGO ON MY FEET, if i was kobe and i saw these id laugh and be like april 1st isnt for another 3 months guys

  2. 1st comment… I got kobe strenghts and other old kobe kicks. the look puzzles me but they probably feel great when u hoop…

  3. these might be good on the basketball court, but whats up with the gay design. Kobe should've stuck with wearing the 2k4's instead of these wack ass shoes.

  4. I'm straight on this colorway,I just want the black ones to play ball in because they are lightweight and look like they keep your feet cool.

  5. i will get the black ones to ball in and when i amgoing for a long walk

    the kobes are not made to match your outfit they are made for ballin

  6. This pair must be a kid shoe or a fake because they looked different from the pair I seen kobe with. These shoes are great shoe for ballin. Kobe III > Jordan 23.

  7. I agree – this picture looks weird – the web section of the shoe is flat and not raised like in most pics we've seen. Kid's shoe? Fake?

  8. i dont know y people hate these so much. i like them but then again i always had a mind of my own. they look like u cood wear them as slippers and ball for days. its all about comfort wit me. i been there and done that wit the sneaker game

  9. mang wut all dem holz fo so U kan putcho lill pencil dik in em??? HA HA HA demz shitz beez hurt HA HA!!!

  10. wouldnt be suprised if u people changed yur minds and lined up to get these shoes, i mean, look at 2k4, everybody hated it when they saw it 1st glance, then soon after its the "Best basketball sneaker all time". Dont judge by looks, especially if its a basketball shoe, judge it on performance. Judge looks on casual shoes like air force 1s, dunks, jordans, etc.


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