Nike Zoom Kobe 3 - MPLS Edition

Shortly after creating the All-Star edition Nike Zoom Kobe 3, Nike designs this particular model based after one of the Los Angeles Laker’s throwback uniforms.

Grey, White and Light Blue is used to match the jersey originally worn by Minneapolis Lakers and worn by Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers only a few years ago. Available at select Nike accounts in Asia, but nothing has been reported on the U.S release date. Via UNIK.

Nike Zoom Kobe 3 - MPLS Edition
Nike Zoom Kobe 3 - MPLS Edition
Nike Zoom Kobe 3 - MPLS Edition

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  1. not sure about striaght heat… but its the best looking colorway I have seen for these sneakers so far. I hear that they are comfortable. I may try them on just to see… but they still fugly.

  2. the website that is linked to this article is all in chinese, i want to buy them ! anyone know how i can translate all the words? besides getting someone who can actually read it? or somewhere else where i can pick these up?

  3. over the years i realized that if the shoes dont look

    out of place, wierd, or innovative that it just

    wouldnt be a kobe shoe. ive accepted that his shoes

    are and will be forever head turning.

  4. THeSe Definetly GReW oN Me…

    i WoNDeR, LiKe 13, 14 YeaRs FroM NoW, WiLL PeoPLe Be CoLLecTiN KoBes aND LeBRoNs oveR MiKes…?]

  5. looks wise, the Zoom Kobe 3's are a dissapointment compared to the 1st 2. But the Kobe line has always been better for playin ball than Lebrons or Melo's…

  6. dont really like the shoe, but it's a nice colorway.

    Got this sme colorway for the kobe 1's, they're much nicer in my opinion

  7. primetime, i wonder the same thing, maybe we should all buy the kobe 1's while they still cheap and rip off the kids 13-14 years down the road

  8. take out the kobe name and nike logo and make them reeboks and everybody will be hatn on these shoes…major dissapointment

  9. Actually, these are smokin! I would definitely get some to ball in, but I dont kno Chinese to scoop me up a pair, tho.

  10. The new kobe 3 are a lot better in person, check them out now they are super light and your foot fits snug! And the tongue on the shoe is the best part, its really thin. i bought them yesterday, the all blacks.

  11. They look hideous, but i already bought them and they fit superb. It's like wearing socks =). They're super light and the most compfertable shoe i had till now!!

  12. i already have the black/meize kobe 3's,let me tell..u

    they're too sweet…pass up in the athletic shoe market.

  13. they are ugly and i heard that they are comfortable. I tried them on and my ankles hurt for the whole day..

  14. This size is in the kids' sizes so it is less detailed, but the size 8+ version of this shoe is VERY nice. Wish I had a pair.