Nike Women's Air Stab - St. Patrick's Day

You don’t have to worry about not having anything Green to wear this upcoming St. Patrick’s Day, Nike has you covered with this Women’s Air Stab designed specifically for the holiday.

Like many of the past annual releases, a Green and Gold color-way is combined with a four leaf clovers printed at the middle and back of the shoe. However, the lack of mesh at the toe box will turn a few people away even if it doesn’t look too bad without it. Via Limited Edition.

Nike Women's Air Stab - St. Patrick's Day

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  1. they cool…but I think the air max 95 would have been a better pick, but the stabs are cool.

  2. Not bad! However, I didn't cop the AM 90's last year (or was it 06), so I won't be getting these!

  3. I think these are pretty rad. I don't get why all you cats love the air max 95. That shoe is ugly. Any colorway, ugly. Is it super comfy or something? Anyways, these air stabs are nice.