Nike Zoom BB Low Steve Nash

As Nike continues their “Quick is Deadly” campaign, we get a chance to see the Nike Zoom BB Low Steve Nash. Featuring Zoom Air, White leather uppers, Orange accents and hints of Blue and Yellow throughout the sneaker we will have the privilege to watch Nash cut and pass in his new Nike Zoom BB Lows. At the heel features a S connecting to a N for Steve Nash initials.

The 2008 NBA Season Nike will use the Zoom BB as there Player Exclusives for players sponsored by Nike. As well, the Steve Nash Nike Zoom BB Low should be hitting the United States soon. Via Abt.

Nike Zoom BB Low Steve Nash
Nike Zoom BB Low Steve Nash
Nike Zoom BB Low Steve Nash
Nike Zoom BB Low Steve Nash


  1. I still don't get what the logo is meant to mean. usually the meaning is in layers. all i see is an 'S' and what looks like an eye. There is an 'N', but not that great looking.

  2. If you look closely, the S and N forma Eagle's Eye for Nashes Vision on the court, one of the nicer logos Nike has done, and one of the most innovative.

  3. They look like anklebreakers to me, only it would be my own ankle…..where's the support??? i would never wear em, not for hooping, not for rocking, not for parachuting or hangliding or cliffjumping, or ballooning, nothing….

  4. Low-cut basketball shoe? Back to the drawing board,I guess… Other than that, I think myth58's spelling skills is over rated even more. And you obviously know nothing about basketball… Steve nash over rated? AWow, you must be that stupid…

  5. Although poor ankle support on low cut shoes, you actually can run a bit faster and move quicker with low cut shoes. But the reason why guys in the league or college can wear low cut shoes to ball is that they have there ankles taped up so well that you dont really need the ankle support from shoes. if you look closely at nash during the games, his ankles are taped up so i guess wearing low cut sneakers gives him a bit of an advantage with quickness suince he lacks the athletic ability. But defintely not over rated, he makes the team so much better. I think he is responsible for Amare having such a great comeback season. Nash gets them the ball in great scoring position and after a few scores and dunks, players confidence increase.

  6. Nike just teamed up with hip-hop label Stones Throw to celebrate this shoe. ..check out NIKEBASKETBALL.COM/LA

  7. Hi, do you know where I can get this shoes? or the one from last year? I have one from last year, but I want another pair.

  8. these are like, the sickest shoes on earth. for those of you who think steve nash is overrated, you should go rethink your life. and kobe, please, he is a loser. for you poeple who like nash, thank you. steve nash is one of the best poeple in the world over all. his shoes are sick! quit whining about ankle support! get more flexible, stronger ankles! and for heavens sakes, stretch! robnyc,steve nash lacks no athletic ability! but it doesn't sound like you're a hater, so great. thanks celia, i will look on that website. all of you steve nash haters, man, you have probably never watched a suns game. steve nash can ball up kobe. (exactly why he got MVP). and nick, 754boy, you're gay. steve nash is awesome! Allright that is the end of my sermon. try to argue with me, i dare you.

  9. HA HA diss Nash all you want obviously his game is better than yours cause you aint good enough to have anything named after you. Well maybe dada will give you a shoe deal ha ha. GIVE RESPECT WHEN RESPECT IS DUE

  10. Yeah… I'm gonna start smashing NBA players, since I'm in the NBA, and am so much better… honestly ppl, shut up. you've gotta be able to back up your crap. Kobe's a loser??? Nash is overrated??? Are you even as good as… Eric Piatowski or any of the other benchwarmers in the league?

    These are cool shoes, but I don't know If I'd wear em, so little ankle support.

  11. Who need ankle support, i run faster without them. I just got these shoes and i am thinking i can run quicker and much faster with em. if you REALLY wanna run quicker/ faster buy huarache 2k5 or elite 2s. I couldnt get huaraches cause they dont sell em around my places. ANyways, these shoes dont look like you can jump around with em but it matches nash cause hes like 6 3 and he caint touch the rim llol.

  12. these shoes are hot

    all you gotta stop hating.

    i see all these chris paul shoes and kobe shoes out and they suck compared to these.

  13. right, because kobe's, lebron's, t-mac's, etc etc etc etc etc aren't shoes that are over-decorated and made more for looks than they are for actual functionality. if that were the case, they wouldn't be wearing nike or adidas, for both companies produce garbage footwear.

  14. i got these shoes for 60 dollars, they are amazingly comfortable, i dont get why u guys complain about the ankle. Dr4m1s u can get it at (SI VOUS PLAY) i think that is what it is called. mine were $59.99

  15. Looking for the Nike Zoom Steve Nash MVP shoe. I live in AZ and can not find them anywhere. These are the ones that came out before the ALLSTAR GAME THIS YEAR. Please let me know


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