The casual, stylish Nike Destroyer Jacket is a symbol of personal glory. Nike has added some popular elements to the leather sleeve baseball jacket inspired by Kobe’s personal style. Snake scale patterns are etched on the classic leather sleeves. The stitch free zipper is simple and elegant with the words “YEAR OF THE BLACK MAMBA” embroidered on the wind-proof strip. A special lining material keeps the body warm. The rowan-knit collar and cuff enhances comfort. On the back of the jacket is the Chinese character “智”, which means wisdom. On the right lapel are Chinese characters representing the Year of the Snake such as “癸巳 (Gui Si)” and “天龙地蟒 (Tian Long Di Mang).” It is a perfect mesh of Kobe Bryant’s Black Mamba style and Nike’s iconic jacket.

Nike’s Year of the Snake sportswear collection also includes men’s and women’s hoodies and T-shirts featuring Kobe’s Black Mamba personal logo and the Chinese character “智 (Zhi)”. The Year of the Snake professional basketball collection also includes Kobe’s training jerseys, jackets, sweatshirts and T-shirts.