We recently saw the Nike Terminator and even Air Macropus Lite start to make some sneaker noise. Now, those two sneaker silhouettes along with a pair of Air Baked Mid’s make up the Nike Winter Matagi Pack. As you can see from the pictures, Nike’s main goal with this pack is to make sure your feet stay not only warm but comfortable during the fall/winter season. Every shoe contains a good amount of brown on them, in an assortment of different hues. Also, they are all equipped with leather laces and different furs to make sure your shoes are what take most of the weather’s beating and not your feet. These will definitely be a limited release, meaning you might have a better chance finding these online than in stores.

Via Atmos.


  1. These are gonna be copped

    yessir indeedy

    The first kick is tuff

    the 2nd one is horrible, ill never wear that, ill ebay that 1 off

    the 3rd one is a maybe…. if i ever go to alaska or its REALLY freezing

  2. Lol, well the last one is crazy heat on ya feet

    but i only want the first sneaker, but since its a pack i guess ill be getting em all

    If you live in harlem (where as i) there are guys wearing polo boots with fur in em, these arent that bad compared to them

    I need to know pricing on these bad boys