If you’re anywhere near as big a sneaker and sports fan as I am, then there’s no need to describe how exciting the following scenario feels. You’re in the middle of watching a heated NBA game between Eastern Conference/intrastate rivals Orlando Magic and Miami Heat. Harold Miner makes a strong move to the basket and challenges both Horace Grant and Shaquille O’Neal under the basket but you seem to have lost sight of the ball. In fact, you’ve lost sight of the ball, the rim, the net- everything except for one, maybe two, things: Horace Grant’s bright blue knee pad and the Steel Grey Air Jordan X’s on Harold Miner’s feet.

A lot of us did or had friends who did collect cards when we were in our adolescent years. Some habits, however, die hard. Now people like us here at SneakerFiles have the brain behind the KicksOnCards blog to thank for once again giving us a taste of that childhood love for trading cards- as a result of its combination with our present day love for sneakers. Check out KicksOnCards for timepieces that happen to not only highlight some NBA moments passed, but also highlight some basketball sneakers many of us still love and even covet- including my favorite Air Jordan of all time: the Air Jordan Laney V.


  1. Is the EJ with the Bred AJ11's on a card within the last five years or has EJ been playing on the Heat that long.

  2. Stephen Jackson wears Spizikes during a game, he crazy

  3. luckyair78 says:

    ahhh, Harold Miner aka Baby Jordan.. wth ever happen to him??..

  4. Y would stephen jackson play with Spizikes in a game thats just crazy does sn eakers kust make u so slow when ur playin thats y they are a casual sneaker.

  5. Dr Steve Brule says:

    need a date to the prom? just take your sister…dum dum…for your health!

  6. m00ney{sneakrrhead] says:

    haha igot the ogs wen i wuz little

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