Nike Does Not Want Their Athletes to Wear Custom Sneakers

Nike will not stand for it’s athletes to wear custom sneakers even if they are from the brand. According to an image that one popular customizer got his hands on, Nike is putting a stop to it.

The main focus for now is NFL players. We have featured many of Soles by Sir creations which can be seen in the actual letter from Nike. He has shared the image on Instagram with the following caption:

“It’s crazy, I never imagined this, this adventure I would be on. But looks like people are starting to pay attention. Listen Nike, 786.412.2271 that’s my personal cell, call me tell me how you want my customs to look. I can make it happen. I must say though I’m honored though to catch the attention of a BILLION dollar corporation”.

The issue here seems that Nike is upset that some of the customs are covering up the Swoosh logo, which identifies its brand especially on national TV. We get why they are upset, but it seems instead of limiting what kind of customs they can wear, they want to ban customs as a whole.

What are your thoughts on Nike not wanting their athletes to wear customs? Do you agree or disagree with the company?

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