Nike Vintage Vandal High - Red/White/Blue

Nike sure has put a lot of emphasis on their Vintage collection which has included various models ranging from the Dunk High to the Terminator High while many forget about the other vintage releases.

Seen above is the Nike Vandal High which gets the vintage treatment with signs of wear and tear, but doesn’t feature as much yellowing as the rest of the vintage models which is a huge plus. In addition to the vintage look, a nylon tongue is added which is an important element to keeping its originality and adds a slight edge over the rest of the Vandals. The Vintage Vandal High is scheduled to be released this Summer so keep an eye out. Via st.

Nike Vintage Vandal High - Red/White/Blue

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  1. lol real old school… I have enough vandals i my house so i won't be getting them. but these are nice.

  2. Ha… these are great. I hope the actual shoes don't come with a pre-dented toe like the left shoe in the pictures doesn. :(