Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘07 Premium HTM - White

The Brown and Blue HTM Nike Air Force 1 Premium were reported a few days ago and now a new color-way completes the trio of Premium models. In collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara of Fragment Design, the White version has been designed similar to the other two models and features the full croc leather upper as well.

However, the White model seems a more plain the rest and by that the croc leather isn’t as prevalent. The White Air Force 1 Low Premium HTM is now available at CitySole with the same $800 price tag as the other two styles.

Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘07 Premium HTM - White

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  1. basically your paying 800$ for a simple but diffrent type of material, white shoe and a lightning logo. RIP OFF!

  2. wowo they add a lightning logo and some stretchmarks all over the shoe and it costs 8 times the regular one

  3. damn…they have a new pair of the same white air forces like every year that everybody has to cop for some strange reason…its nothing new…plus it costs $800 just for some croc material around the shoe….woow…if i wanted some crocs i could probly pay the same amount for some REAL ONES…

  4. 800 dollars for this?? they look just like the ones for 80 at footlocker or wherever, and the no one can even see the materials from 20 feet back, so whats the point?

  5. LMAO at witness 2 da sweep….all whites for 8 bills, ill pass i didnt evn see the croc material at first, these are pointless

  6. lol bruh sed they got stretchmarks.. ha i thought they was jus whites w lightnin. nike flabbergastin ppl w this shoe, its a freakin outrage. the crocs not THAT big of a deal.

  7. Nothing special, Plus if you live on the west coast you can go down to Nogales and have them put alligator on a normal pair for 3x Cheaper.

  8. Man these are really good snickers…..wowo but i would rather get to an alligator shop with an $80 pair and pay $120 for the fixing and the croc skin on it ….you see i get to keep the 300…wtf