Nike Trainer Dunk Hi Mita at Purchaze

Purchaze will release the Nike Trainer Dunk Hi “Mita” on the 30th of June. With pics surfacing quite a while ago, the Nike Trainer Dunk Hi “Mita” are set to release at Purchaze this Saturday, 30th of June. The Nike Trainer Dunk Hi “Mita” feature a mix of some of the more recently popular designs and materials including Elephant Print, a Speckled Midsole, Snake skin, Ostrich and more.

More pictures after the jump.

Nike Trainer Dunk Hi Mita at Purchaze


  1. lol. I agree with this guy. they get uglier every time.

  2. C'mon! Who would wear these shoes? I don't think rainbow bright herself would rock these.

  3. Ayy yall crazyy I cop but where wud they be releasing at niketowns only or where I'm in the bay if you kno where they might be let me kno on aim jokerplatinum

  4. Chris Mullen's says:

    These are extremely sexy

  5. why would nebody get these? be forreal. wat could u possibly wear that would match these!? they nasty!

  6. One of the ugliest shoes I've ever seen. They look like left over materials left at the Nike Factory…no wonder there are only 288 pairs!

  7. adam swanson says:

    "Ayy yall crazyy I cop but where wud they be releasing at niketowns only or where I’m in the bay if you kno where they might be let me kno on aim jokerplatinum"

    Hey retard, look at the header, AVAILABLE AT PURCHAZE

  8. Those look horrible. Theres way too much going on. Because of all the hypebeasts that line up for the ugliest senakers, Nike thinks they can make something like this and expect us to buy it. I can still guaratee that there will be like 400 hypebeasts camping out for these.

  9. deadmanwalking says:

    Are these even real? The midsole never looked like that in any of the previous pics.

  10. You can't be serious! Why does nike waste materials? If you see someone rockin these light their ass on fire immediately! No seriously lol!

  11. ekonomikal says:

    damn. these looked so much better on the previous posts. i am incredibly disappointed

  12. sneakeraddic says:

    omgggggg wtf is going on with nike dis is da year of death with dem first dey kill da air forces now der going for der next shoes wtf did dey hire a new designer or something dats fuking up der company atleast der still doing it good with da jordans

  13. anyone know if its store only or if its gonna be released on their site?

  14. these go hard.. i'll be trying to cop… only those w/o fashion sense can't appreciate these… hopefully I can get my hands on em'…

  15. www.Fashionwear360.c says:

    It is cooool!!!

  16. aaronwilli says:

    they got potential to look fly as hell if you rock'em right

  17. monsterfresh says:

    i agree wit micah these R hard and deffinatly would be trying 2 copp

  18. Chris Mullen's says:

    datkidd and monsterfresh these shoes aint hard to find just like your moms bobbing for apples!

  19. these are actually pretty dope. I like the use of material and it's so damn out of this world and bizarre that it actually works. It's ugly, but a nice ugly. Kind of like hte viotech trainers, those joints were ugly but they worked.


    creative? nah…whoever greenlighted this project at nike needs to be fired.

  21. Like I said recycled materials = 288 pairs of garbage.

  22. Oh hell no heres another fk'd up limmited release,288 pairs of bullsh*t. Nike seriously needs to stop making this ugly ass limmited form no good reason sneakers.

  23. kidwitdemkickz says:

    What's the retail on this beautiful abomination?

  24. yo yo yo these can be fly if yo wear them right

  25. bettenladen says:

    At last a kick which you can't shove in a direction… This is original!

    And uh if ya don't like em, don't worry… probably already sold out at most shops!

    c em soon on the net for 800 dolla,

    peace out!


  26. Chris Mullen's says:

    That wasn't me

  27. adam swanson says:

    seen em on ebay for 168 + shipping. now their not lower than 210.

  28. only hypebeasts would buy these hurt pieces of s#$%t

  29. amphibious says:

    Anyone know how much these were on I kept refreshing their site but never saw them listed. :(

  30. naw i saw these shoes at flight club LA and these were FRESH. they were going for $250 but they didnt have my size. watch in a couple of years, people are gonna start wanting these but releazing that there are only 288 worldwide. YOU GUYS ARE SLEEPING ON THESE! remember back in the day when everyone thought the unkles were so damn ugly. look at em now, everyone is dyin to get a pair.

  31. Ive seen the opinoins on these and most would say this realese is ugly i cop and i love em!!!!!the materials nike used are outragous if you think otherwise i wouldnt complain everyones different.

  32. everyone is GAY!!!

    these are a collectors dream!!!

    i need these!!!

  33. nikeindabutt says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but these look great in person! I've been a real sneakerhead since '91 when I got my first pair of Jordan VII's and I think this is an incredible looking pair of kicks. I guess it depends on what you like but the trainer 1 is one of my favorites from back in the days and the materials on this baby are CRAZY! Far as people saying "what would you rock them with!?!"…are you serious? The shoes are black & white primarily…if you can't find anything that goes you need to hire a stylist!

    Co-sign – people will be trying to get these in a few years and kicking themselves for sleeping on the release.

  34. Yung-M1ll says:

    yall str8 trippin these sneakers are crazy dope

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