Nike Terminator Premium QS

The Nike Terminator was the first real attempt that Nike had into the basketball world. When Michael Jordan first signed the now legendary Nike shoe deal back in 1985 Jordan first wore the Nike Terminator and then came out with the Air Jordan 1, which borrowed a lot of elements from the Nike Terminator.

Since then the Nike Terminator has taken on many different variations and editions. Here are 2 Nike Terminator Premium Quick Strike editions that are set to come out. The colorways for these are quite eccentric with the white / turquoise / purple / pink and the black / blue / purple / pink. Both have a perforated patent leather design and quite an alternative take on the big Nike sign that are usually found on the back of the Nike Terminators. More pics after the jump.

Via Fatboy Kickz.

Nike Terminator Premium QS

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