Nike Terminator Hybrid 2009

We’ve seen our fair share of hybrid Nike models, but this new set of Terminator Hybrids is something that different from anything we’ve seen in the past. The Terminator Hybrid a Nike Free sole, multi-traction materials, ACG EPM materials, and a neoprene collar and tongue, another ACG element. Three different models are set to be released from January to March and will retail around $132, release date and color info can be found below.


New Olive / Newsprint – Red Oxide Citron


Black Classic Charcoal – Pure Purple


Neo Turq / Mint – Light Bone – Tar

Nike Terminator Hybrid 2009
Nike Terminator Hybrid 2009


  1. 1st asta lavista babycakes!!!!!!!

  2. the ones on the left and middle are nice. this release gives me a little more hope for terminators considering this was a weak year for them.

  3. says:

    I'm on the fence about these. I'll have to wait and see them in person before I give my opinion.

  4. MrMayface says:

    I may get all 3 of these! 09 will be a better year if Nike comes with stuff like this

  5. nobody gonna wear those. these dont have air in them!

  6. $132 for a pair of Nike with no air is a rip off!

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