Nike Super Blazer Cement

Nike’s Blazer High isn’t traditionally seen sporting this latest combination of white, red and black to go along with grey elephant print. This unconventional mixture is paired with a higher cut to lead to the name Super Blazer High Premium. The grey elephant prints adds a nice touch to the Blazer which also consists of red and black accents. Look for the this Super Blazer High Premium to be available at select Nike retailers and is now available at Proper.

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  1. these go crazyee im fosho gettin these a.s.a.p. broodie i dont generally buy these but i will just have these

  2. These are dope!

    But there was actually a customizer who I heard was hired by Nike who originally had this same type of setup on a blazer.

    Either way, they're copped.

    Your Royale Flyness,

    ~ Queen.

  3. these are dope! im coppin a pair. dez chumpies about to be all over me wit deez on. SHOUT OUT TO DATKID, MARIELLE,KAM, MALI, AND DA REST!

    always fly,

    AVATAR 4