Anyone who knows his/her sneakers will remember the Vince Carter ad campaign that made the original Nike Shox such a coveted basketball sneaker. Well, it should be more than obvious by now that Nike was able to successfully institute the Shox technology seen on VC’s shoe to a running shoe. Now, the most successful version of the Nike Shox running shoe- the R4– shall also have Flywire technology incorporated into it.

The pictured Nike Shox R4 comes in the sleek Nike Shox running design we’re accustomed to, with a white/black/red color combination that’s aesthetically accented by the red flywire strings on the front of the shoe and the black ones on the back. Check out more pictures of this upgraded Nike Shox R4 after the jump- despite it being a tease as a result of not having word yet of a release date.

Via NiceKicks.

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  1. Nice write up. I especially like the part about "anybody who knows his/her sneakers" because obviously that is not you. The Shox R4 was the FIRST shoe with shox. Not the VC Basketball shoe. I have noticed mistakes on here plenty of times. You should do some research before you post articles/blogs. Otherwise just be another late in the game hypebeasts.

  2. As a huge fan of the R4 this intrigues me. (still got my OG pair that has been work to death) I'd like to see it in person. The R4 is the most comfortable Shox ever, and the OG red and silver color way is simply amazing. I really wish they would stop messing with the recent releases, and put the mesh oval over the toebox, instead of the fake leather they have been using as of late. Shout out to Bill Bowerman for knowing his sh!t.

  3. very nice bill, may you R.I.P. its gonna be interesting how light the R4 will be. shoxs tend to be pretty heavy due to the shoxs themselves so i cant wait to try em on. Big James you should try the shox experiance, forefoot is zoom air and they have air unit shoxs–very nice feel to them

  4. Black and Red R4's were the sickest. After they started retroing the R4's the quality went down severely. They should not be using leather in conjunction with this flywire. I think they would much results if they used that plastic-like material that is on the AM+ 2009. I bought a recent pair of R4's with leather and they are so stiff even after a bunch of wears i had to sell them to a friend.