Nike SFB

Although most will look at these boots and find them to be fashionable alternative for a rainy day, Nike did not set out with that mind when they were making the boots. This cream colored Nike SFB represents Nike’s delve into the world of creating boots for hikers, high-speed operators, and first-response teams as well as America’s military responders. Basically people we rely on when we are in trouble. Here Nike set out to create a boot that was lighter and allowed for the foot’s natural motion while at the same time decreasing the addition of heavy overbuilding, which traditionally yields boots that are stiffer, heavier, and less breathable. They achieved all of that and then some in the Nike SFB. The SFB is perfect for warm weather due to its breatheable fabric and is the lightest, fastest drying, and natural motion boots to be developed. Nike created the Natural Motion Cushioning that helps allow for aptimal support and speed for heel to toe transfer. This basically allows for the boot to form to the foot while drastically reducing the weight of conventional boots.

The SFB also have the best traction of any boot out now since the outsole of the boot is fitted with a directional traction heel sole, which utilizes reverse tread bars and a slightly raised heel for better traction that helps with the control during downhill travel. The boots also have strategically placed Sticky Rubber forefoot lugs that allow for exceptional agility and traction in any terrain. If that wasn’t enough for you and you’re concern for protection then you can sleep well with the fact that the boots also have a puncture and laceration resistant thermoplastic in the forefoot as well as a Kevlar sheath underneath the genuine leather. More pictures after the jump.

Via Sneaker Freaker.

Nike SFB

Nike SFB

Nike SFB


  1. UNITED STATES AIR FORCE right here!!!!! These will look nice with my ABU's. Damn, only if Jordan made boots with this style/color.

  2. UNITED STATES AIR FORCE right here!!!!! These will look nice with my ABU’s. Damn, only if Jordan made boots with this style/color.

  3. exactly what i was thinkin when im i join the military imma try n sneak these on lol cuz they sure as hell look some of the boots

  4. dopest OPS boots ever

    for some serious ass running and gunning

    been rotating my two pair for 2yrs now, zero issues

    no boot from here backward holds a candle to it,

    and no other boot out there can keep up w/it.

    cant wait to see what else the innovation k. has comin next for us

    o hells yeh, bring it!

  5. To the folks who mention possible military / high risk operator assignments :

    Well – if you are serious about hard wear, light weight and the highest degree of comfort, skip this one and try on a pair of Altama Exo-speed desert boots. You will never find a more comfortable, well ventilated shoe for all terrain operations at any price, and if you shop around you will get them for under 100.

    This Nike looks like a copy of the Altama, except the Altama also has an offset eyelet at the mid-lace point, to keep the heel seated and secure during strenuous activity.


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