Nike SB P-Rod III Test Sample Preview

Spotted at the Cleveland Dew Tour on none other than Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez himself, the Nike SB P-Rod III Test Samples have been causing quite a buzz due to their resemblance to past models with minor tweaking. The P-Rod III is featured in what looks to be a black suede upper complimented by red accents, and a grey safari print. For now, this is all that has been shown and said, so stay posted for more information and pictures. Via NSB.

Nike SB P-Rod III Test Sample Preview
Nike SB P-Rod III Test Sample Preview


  1. ooo the only thing i didnt like about the p-rod ii was the super fat tounge now i guess they made it thinner i hope this is it i cant wait to get these

  2. first? wada fagit.

    but anyway these are ok deff good color way but you cant beat the 1st ones and the thicker tounge looks better than this 1


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