Nike SB Dunk Low - Toxic Avenger

Nike has a tendency to draw inspiration from a variety of sources whether it be video games, t.v shows or movies. This Nike SB Dunk Low is modeled after the 1984 comedy horror film, Toxic Avenger. The colors derive from the Toxic Avenger’s appearance and includes brown, tan, toxic green, olive green and pink. Although the sneakers are hard to see in full, its general look can be made out with the main picture and the two shots after the jump. As of now there is no expected release date, but the Toxic Avenger SB Dunk Low could possibly be selling in stores this year. Stay posted for more info.

Via NSB.

Nike SB Dunk - Toxic Avenger

Nike SB Dunk Low - Toxic Avenger


  1. This shoe is actually designed by the guys at NJ Skate..this will be there 2nd collabo with Nike SB (High Hairs were the first). The shoe should be released in the 4th quarter of 2009 and it will be a Quickstrike.Also, from what I was told, the final version of the shoe will have some 3M material and an ice bottom sole. I have seen the shoe firsthand and I can say the pics do not do it any justice….NJ all Day!

  2. ehh its a shame tht the fat tongues r not gunna b there
    but those laces need 2 be SB laces n not regular dunk laces!!
    thts just a str8 fact!!!!
    actually like the colorway tho!!!

  3. yo sb is so overhyped rite now and everybody who thinks these sneakers are even hot is gay. Sb used to be the shit YES when all the kicks had a back story and they were HOTT too. But now they are just trying to shove this garbage down our throats and they dont even have puffy toungues? TOxic avenger was the shit but with a concept like that about some guy falling into toxix waste and fucking dudes up wit a broom and all you can come out wit is this lame ass shitty low is just disrespectfull. THose sir jams rebokxatmos are way hotter and i think that the puma japanese monster pack was sicker then anything that nike has dropped in year(adn yes i got the mechGOddzillaa cant wait till they come) lol just lets stop buying sb .BK all day

  4. yall are stupid they are samples so the tounges arent stuffed u really think they are gona make some SBS! with a regular tounge?

  5. SBjosh. the puffy laces were put on the sb's so they would last longer. so these laces make the skating part of the shoe worse. just some food for thought

  6. acually oscar your stupid…the sb organization is acually considering not stuffing the tounges in sb's anymore.and this happens to be the first pair they're doing it to.

    just some info for u.and also they changed the sb box to blue just to let u guys know.


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