Nike SB Dunk Mid - Ice Green / Dark Charcoal

Lately, sneakerheads have been bored with Nike’s SB releases. But now, there’s hope with the Nike SB Dunk Mid in ice green/dark charcoal. It isn’t exactly Sea Crystals, but it’s pretty close, especially with the ice green suede upper and dark charcoal leather swoosh. The shoe is contrasted by a clean white midsole and dark sole, which is also found in the inner lining and SB etching on the strap. The insole features a wrench design that reads “XXL” at the bottom, which adds to the uniqueness of the shoe. The laces give a vibrance against the ice green suede, making this Dunk Mid very acceptable. These are available online now for a price of aobut $150.

Via Arktz.

Nike SB Dunk Mid - Ice Green / Dark Charcoal

Nike SB Dunk Mid - Ice Green / Dark Charcoal

Nike SB Dunk Mid - Ice Green / Dark Charcoal

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  1. I'm not sure if i should like this shoe because of sea crystal hype.

    or because there actually hot…

    There actually hot.



  2. this is something fresh from NSB cuz lately they have been letting me down!!! but i dont get wat the have to do with the tools but its wat ever cuz they still hella kew!!!

    person who posted this meesed up on the about on the last sentence they put "aobut" just thought ide throw that out there!

  3. this looks like a quickstrike. none of the states have got these yet and highsnobiety said it would be a limited release.