Nike SB Dunk Low - Beijing, China
Sneakerheads rejoice! All of the recent Nike SB Dunk Lows have had unstuffed tongues, but these Beijing, China SB Dunks have brought the stuffed tongue back out! Besides that feature, the upper is accented with a very interesting print. If you check out the insole, you’ll find that very same print. The red stitching and shoelaces are also a nice touch to finish the shoe off. This is possibly one of the cleanest releases this year from the Nike SB camp. Keep your eyes peeled for these sometime this year.

Via yishiliu.
Nike SB Dunk Low - Beijing, China

Nike SB Dunk Low - Beijing, China

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  1. these are fire!!! these are wayyy better than the beijing mid's. those were doo! what were you thinking nike?

  2. ?

    are you guys smoking drugs?

    i guess im wrong because the rating speaks for itself, but these are a way easy pass.

    recent dunks without stuff tounges? uhh, angel sb's are stuffed u dummies.

  3. the stuffed tongue for the lows will be around till the official 2009 fall line drops… then no more stuffed tongues on the lows aka im done buying SB lows

  4. these are fucking sexyyy lolz

    but where and when r they releasing

    becuz these might not be in the u.s.