Nike SB Dunk High Thrashin

We have kept the release of the Thrashin Nike SB Dunk High as updated as we can and now, the Thrashin Dunk High has officially been released at an online retailer. Many of you already know that the Thrashin Dunk High has been inspired by the 80’s skateboard movie, Thrashin.

Much of inspiration comes from the movie poster in which Corey Webster is seen holding a skateboard and the spider print from the skateboard is used for the panels while the bright colored fonts inspire a gradient swoosh, sole and inner lining. Available now at Flight Club Footwear.

Nike SB Dunk High Thrashin


  1. shit fuck all ya haters more thrashin dunks fo me YA DIG!!! these bitches r gonna go hard on my feet wit a fresh fit

  2. Trash. On the movie poster of thrashin' josh brolin has his wrist gaurds on backwards…..just like these dunks, backwards.

  3. Hype is what nike is doing these guys are marketing masterminds they say lets have 3 year old kids babble n slap colors on a sihloutte nickname them n release em in a certain amount or quantity n lets keep reminding ppl of em n watch profits go UP like oprahs weight


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