Nike SB Dunk High Sample - Black / Red | September 2009

Nike SB has shown signs early on of what is in store for the coming weeks including the SB Dunk Low – Sky / Pink and SB Dunk High – Yellow / Black, the two most recent sneakers to surface. Here’s a look at the black and red SB Dunk High scheduled to drop in September. Like many SB releases, it consists of an interesting composition of design choices varying from perforated leather on the midsection to Kevlar laces to a red translucent outersole. Expect this SB Dunk High to release this September, but these pictures are only of samples so changes are a possibility. Stay posted for more info.

Via SC.

Nike SB Dunk High Sample - Black / Red | September 2009

Nike SB Dunk High Sample - Black / Red | September 2009

Nike SB Dunk High Sample - Black / Red | September 2009

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  1. wtf is nike doing to sbs? first we hear lows arent gonna have fat tongues anymore and now all these high tops with dented tongues I dont like this shit

  2. ^^^^ are u serious they gettin rid of fat tounges on sb lows wtf nike has gone to damn hell wat are they thinkin bout thats the only reason why i buy sb lows rather then some addidas superstars an the color way of these dunks and all the other sb dunks are gona release are horrible wat hapeened nike? Wat happend??

  3. ^^^^ Nike never said they getting rid of fat tongues that is not true at all. As a matter of fact Nike said for now the lows will not have stuffed tongues but that is not a permanent change. so "reddevils" don't say some BS when you know nothing on the matter.

  4. why would you take a pic of the inside of the shoe. i f'n hate the inside of shoes. doesn't seem like an SB to me.

  5. I love these shoes. I'm not a big fan of dunks but I would buy these no question ask. U Gotta luv em there NKES!!

  6. real simple, but still pretty hot. and JP is right there still going to have stuffed tongues, that was just a rumor

  7. nike sb needs to go back in their bag of scrapped shoes and release those instead of putting all of this garbage out. They must have fired the brains of the company and now they got Rainman makin shoes.

  8. I dont noramlly like dunks, but these are pretty nice. i would for sure consider copping these.