Nike SB Dunk High - Quagmire

Rumored to be designed after Quagmire of animated series Family, this Dunk High SB are yet another release that has much speculation behind it. The Quagmire Dunk High are only limited to a few images with this one providing the most detail which consists of navy, red and gold stars which reflect Quagmire’s usual outfit. As of now there isn’t much information surrounding this model, but 2009 is possibly the release date. Via NSB.

Nike SB Dunk High - Quagmire
Nike SB Dunk High – Quagmire

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  1. They aight.. Dey over d0in it wit da stars nd da red d0e a lil less dem shitz wuld b clean! Jst my 0pini0n!

  2. Gentlemen7.. Don’t trip, thiz shoez r trippin out. Lock at thoze shoes.. It aint good modle. Trippin uz out , cu7