Best Halloween Shoes - Nike Dunk High SB Papa Bear (2nd Best)

One of the more playful sneakers in our Best Halloween Shoes takes the 2nd position. The Papa Bear Dunk High SB was released in 2006 in a collaboration with Medicom which also featured the Mama Bear Dunk Mid SB and Baby Bear Dunk Low SB in the 3 Bears Pack. The Papa Bear Dunk High is made up of fur and leather on upper with a light  umber and hot house color-way. On the inside of the sneaker you can find the Bearbrick version of this sneaker and special packaging for the inside of the box. Good luck finding these elsewhere because they immediately sold out upon release.

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  1. Wtf d0es dis have 2 do wit hall0ween??!! Nt putin dis sh0e d0wn at all dere great sh0es dnt get me wr0ng! bt h0w in the blue hell did it beat da cruegerz n dotd???!!

  2. yea im confuse to papa bear. the three bear pack um i dont see Halloween at. hmmmm wtf if dotd and cruegerz didn't get numba 1 spot what will