Nike SB Blazer Shogo

Sample pictures of the upcoming Nike SB Blazer “Shogo” have landed online. Rumor has it that professional skater Christian Hosoi friend designed this Nike SB Blazer. At the heel it says “Lordless Warrior” and Japanese writing which stands for Ronin. A Ronin are ex samurai’s which have lost their lords. Via nsb.

Nike SB Blazer Shogo


  1. These Are Some FRESH Blazers. I Like The Way They Put That Touch on the Heel Saying Rounin In Japanese And The Color Is Sumthin. DEFINITLY COPPED Once I Find Out WHen They Comin Out

  2. what did "fresh all day everyday" that has everyones vickies in a bunch, it isnt showin on my screen. maybe the owner of this site deleted it

  3. im half japanese, i live in japan and my ancestors were samurai so im definitely gna cop these. im a bit confused about the ducks on the symbol tho.

  4. Hands down a good sneaker…

    better than the vanilla ice blazer…

    but it doesnt top the "Milk Carton's"

  5. I picked up a pair of these this weekend for $89. This was my 1st pair of Blazers, and I absolutely love them! My wife has the Milk crates, but I like these better!

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