Nike has no doubt been busy in 2009 executing new ideas and colorways on the Blazer silhouette. We recently saw a very liked Aquamarine Nike SB Blazer drop and get a lot of attention. This time around, Nike has added a touch of another famous sneaker’s style to the SB Blazer. The Nike SB Blazer pictured here and aptly nicknamed “Chuck Taylor’s” borrows many cues of the famous Chuck Taylor silhouette- including metal eyelets, black canvas upper, and white shoe laces. Of course, we still see the Blazer’s cues on the completely white sole and “NIKE” embroidered on the heel.

Perhaps the most sleek Nike SB Blazer ever- this single shoe could very well hold the power to bring avid fans of both sneakers together to rejoice over such a clean execution. But there is no word as to an official release. So, in an effort to protect against broken hearts, expect the worse- but check out more pictures of this monumental Nike tease after the jump.