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Nike Max Lebron VII Original “Red Carpet” Z-Corp 3D Resin

Many sneaker fans were and continue to be excited about the Nike Max Lebron VII “Red Carpet” colorway, which we just informed you would be restocked in early December. For those of you who are not only sneakerheads, but also sneakergeeks, a few pictures have surfaced online that might be of interest to you. Pictured here is the original Z-Corp 3D Resin model of the “Red Carpet,” which basically is the final product’s “floorplan,” if you will. It’s a computerized sample of the shoe that aids in the design process by giving designers a glimpse of what the color blocking and scheme might look like before it goes into production. Jason Petrie, the designer of the Red Carpet Lebron VII, forwarded the fact that Lebron had asked for a pair to be designed specifically for the red carpet unveiling of the “More Than a Game” movie. And the rest is history.


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