The Nike Sportswear team is most certainly making moves as the year winds down. And it doesn’t seem scared to try its luck with something less conventional. Pictured here are three pairs of Nike Match Classics. The sneaker’s overall, low-top cut silhouette might remind you of the Nike Blazer Low. In any case, each Nike Match Classic consists of a suede upper, foam tongue, and white sole. These are going to be releasing at extremely select Nike retailers, with no definitive word yet on a general stateside release. But what do you guys think of the sneaker design? From what you can tell, do you like it less or more than the Nike Blazer Low’s design?

Via Ameblo.

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  1. Correction: should this craft remind anyone of anything it should a Nike Bruin, many a similarities, few differences, the Fragment Design pairs released in japan were quite a sight otherwise an awsome shoe