Nike Mag iMessage Apple Sticker Pack

With the news of the Nike Mag raffle opening up, the craze has now started for the very limited shoes. With that being said, not everyone will be able to get there hands on a pair since they are limited to 89. Possibly the next best thing will be the new Nike Mag iMessage Sticker Pack that you can have some fun with.

The sticker pack is only available for those that updated their iPhone to iOS 10. The app which includes various stickers of the Nike Mag can be used through iMessage to share with your friends and family members. There is multiple variations of the stickers which includes the sneakers in different angles, Nike Swoosh, MAG and more.

For those that have upgraded to iOS 10, you can download the sticker pack now from the App Store. Below is a screen shot of what is available.

Nike Mag iMessage Apple Sticker Pack

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