Rumored the first of several colorways to debut later this year, today welcomes a release date to the upcoming Nike LeBron XII (12) “Turquoise/Grey-Crimson-Black”.

A follow-up to LeBron James’ Nike LeBron XI (11), this Nike LeBron XII (12) model features an array of high-tech components like new Zoom Cushioning and heel straps, mesh uppers, speckled detailing and more, plus an official turquoise, grey, crimson, and black colorway that has many on the edge of their seats. But let’s be honest, this design has also received some criticism. What’s your opinion on the concept?

Months ahead of its tentative launch date, sources have the Nike LeBron XII (12) “Turquoise/Grey-Crimson-Black” dropping on October 11, 2014 at a retail price of $200. Of course, we’ll inform you of any release date changes!

Colorway: Turquoise/Grey-Crimson-Black
Release Date: 10/11/2014
Retail: $200
Product Code: 684593-301

nike-lebron-xii-12-turquoise-grey-crimson-black-release-date-2 nike-lebron-xii-12-turquoise-grey-crimson-black-release-date-3


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  2. Those are AWESOME!!! This Will BE MY NEW LOOK When I Move To SoCal Actually L.A. when L.A. Will BE MY NEW HOME THIS FALL!!! 🙂

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  4. This Shoe Is Soooo Opinionated.. Buy based on What you think.. And Dont Let HypeBeasts Control You…


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