Nike LeBron VI (6) - Power Max Sample

Another installment of LeBron James’s signature line is in the works in the form of the Nike LeBron VI Power Max Sample. This shoe is definitely a looker, from the sole to the toebox to the whole shoe. Combining Nike’s latest basketball technology, this sample screams amazement. A mesh lace area and interesting all-over pattern on the lining set this shoe apart from the rest. Let’s hope this gets released sometime soon, because this sample was swooped off the eBay market when put on sale.
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Nike LeBron VI (6) - Power Max Sample

Nike LeBron VI (6) - Power Max Sample

Nike LeBron VI (6) - Power Max Sample

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  1. I wore these shoes today in a pick up game today and got dunked on…The backboard was broken…

  2. illexpreshun thats cool haha…i want these to release! These are sick looking basketball shoes lebron should have worn these as the sixth shoe

  3. illexpreshun haha just like wut happened to the real lebron…pretty sure these kicks were in the eastbay mag few back

  4. lmfao obviously illexpreshun was making a joke because of the hwole tape thing. These are a sample so no they werent in eastbay cause they never released. Wish they would though i would def cop a pair

  5. yo my man these were actually in an eastbay mag big tickets right i saw them and i was like wow hes right idk wut happend but its true.just like right before the jordan packs started coming out eastbay started to sell the burgundy xiii and like the next day i got the mastercard ready and they were gone.

  6. Straight fire , what a lucky bastard to have these …carbon fiber swoosh is just lovely , hope and see these on the shelf one day , a Lebron VII or VIII maybe ???

  7. These are ugly as hell. I feel sorry for the guy who bought these. Not really that great looking shoes compared to your dunkmans or NYCs or oilers. To each his own I guess

  8. for real though these aint that nice. he went in the right direction with the six and his sevens are going to be awesome!!! but they would go nice with the collection

  9. Eastbay thing is true. A couple of months ago Eastbay made a mistake and put a picture of these shoes in their catalog listed as the Lebron VI. I was confused at the time but it all makes sense now.

  10. These were ONE of two possible designs for what eventually released as the Zoom LeBron VI. UNfortunately, they went with the other design instead…

  11. In the Jordan Crawford dunk LBJ had on the 7s. they'd looked great when he was getting owned by a college player. I do love LBJ tho.

  12. the dunk wasnt even that good,lebron clearly wasnt under crawford fully and the dunk was weak.and nike confiscated the video to make them look like asses

  13. I still got that Eastbay mag with them in it. They didn't have the lil graffiti going around the middle of the shoe. That was the only difference. Damn I wonder if they actually had a pair in stock?? These are a definite cop! I wanna see them in all black with red accents…

  14. Not a cop at all. These are some ugly shoes. I saw them in eastbay and my first reaction was Vi's NYC are way better!