Nike Kyrie 7 Pre-Heat Mystery Box Release Date Info

One of the more unique offerings from Nike Basketball is the Kyrie 7 ‘Pre-Heat’ pack. Four colorways will release inspired by sport, art, film, and music.

Breaking down each pair, the ‘Special FX’ is a tribute to Irving’s love for filmmaking. Next, the ‘Expressions’ pays homage to Irving’s love for art and the freedom of artistic expression. Following, we have the ‘Icon of Sport’ pair that’s a tribute to his list of hoop influencers. Lastly, the ‘Soundwave’ pair represents his love of music and how the vibrations influence his game.

Nike Kyrie 7 Pre-Heat Mystery Box Release Details

You can expect the Nike Kyrie 7 ‘Pre-Heat’ offerings to debut on November 11th. The release will be done in a ‘mystery box’ format. Meaning, buyers won’t know which of the four pairs they will receive until they unboxed the shoes. The retail price is $140. For a detailed look, scroll below for more images.

Nike Kyrie 7 Mystery Box
Release Date: November 11, 2020
Price: $140

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