Nike Kevin Durant Player Exclusive USA

We recently posted news on Kevin Durant signing a deal with Nike, and already we have his Team USA Nike Player Exclusive pictures. Although this is a Player Exclusive for Kevin and Team USA, this might be the first sneaker on the KD line. Featuring patent leather and Red, White and what looks like Black. Also at the heel you see K with out the vertical line, and then D. More information coming soon, via Kenlu.

Nike Kevin Durant Player Exclusive USA


  1. its not red white and black, its white/red/navy. and it isn't his signature sneaker, its a PE that combines the midsole of the Air Vis Sweet TB with the strapless upper of the Air Max II Elite TB. just go to and check out the holiday 2007 catalog if you don't believe me

  2. seeing as how im gay i guess i should stop talkin on here cuz i dont know too much except for how to suck or take a cock in the ass. my only shoes are pink thonged flip flops and ill tell ya my bf loves them, he has a foot fetish ya know.

  3. Nike needs to put that $ behind the Kobe's. You'd think the greatest player in the game would have a nice pair of kicks on the market. The Durant's look nice though.


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