Up till now Kevin Durant has been seen wearing the Player Exclusive edition of the Nike Blue Chip, but 2009 will mark the year of his next signature sneaker. The KD1 has been designed to feature his the team colors of the Oklahoma City Thunder, formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics. The KD1s are outfitted with a white upper and an orange swoosh and blue sole. However, the medial area of the sneaker sports a gradient design and a white swoosh. Other important elements include zoom air technology and a XDR compound outsole. Expect to see the KD1 in stores starting January 2009. Via Kenlu.

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  2. I got to give nike and KD props this shoe is the sh!t !!! Better then any Lebrons, Melo's and all that other BS!!!!!

  3. Kevin Durant AKA KD treats his real blood family Like (#@*%) you know what I mean. Him and his mom Miss. Wanda A Pratt dont do anything for their blood family, his Only brother , I've seen this my self is being treated like and out sider, His mom waited almost two years before she desided to move her mother out of the hood in capital heights MD. You see articales in the papper where kevin Durant has given several Different familys Bike and xmas gifts, and yet he hasent given any KIDS in his own family nothing at all. Oh, Im sorry he did give six of them a free tickit the his home game, wow you mean to say that Nike give you $60 million,gatorade a few million, AE Sorts, trading cards, and commercial for all kinds of things and YOU CANT HIT your own family with somethin?