Coming soon to a Footlocker near you are the Black / Gum Nike Air Force 1 Low. This Air Force 1 is composed of an all black upper offering a premium and refined feel. However, there is more to this Air Force 1 than black leather, a silver lace-lock and gum sole accent the sneakers to turn this simplistic design to something more eye-catching. The gum sole takes us back to the older Air Foce 1s and has become somewhat of a rare characteristic, but is appearing more and more. Expect to see the black and gum Air Force 1 at Footlocker on November 29th. However, LTD Online has them early.

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  1. love the gum soles.

    want a discount off of your entire purchase at

    enter rep code KN23690 for 20% off.

    have fun ♥

  2. maybe i can get into those clubs that have a stupid dress code with these. i should of told that bouncer, you know maybe there should be an ugly face code so that means your fat ass and half of these scrubs can get lost and go sell shoes at sears.

  3. ^^^my name says it all……geez, a mostly black played out AF1 with the ever-so-overrated gumsole….wake me up when everyone who dick rides Forces commits mass suicide, preferable wearing every pair of AF1's in existence.

  4. Dez bitches cold!!! And the bubble gum bottom really set em off. What cant you wear with these this time of the year.

  5. been waiting for years to get these. I still wear my Hi's from 2003. 1 to stock and 1 to rock easily. Hopefully, we will see the White/Gum in April!

  6. I gots to cop these. Khary, the white and gum bottoms dropped in 04 if im correct. i know i was a senior