Nike KD 8 Texas Longhorns PE Burnt Orange 2016

While Kevin Durant’s college roots are stabilized with the University of Texas, we knew that the school would receive a player exclusive on the Nike KD 8.

With our first look at the Nike KD 8 ‘Texas’ PE, they feature a burnt orange and grey color theme. The uppers along with the outsole are treated to grey while orange hits the midsole, Flywire, swoosh, lace tips and other small elements. From this image we can’t see if the schools branding it placed.

It is very possible that we see a ‘Texas’ Nike KD 8 actually release as Nike does pay tribute along with Kevin Durant to his college team. Details if this pair will actually be the released version (if they do launch) are unknown. If Nike does launch this exact color scheme and placement, would you be happy with it? Stay tuned for additional details.

Update: A second variation of the Nike KD 8 ‘Texas Longhorns’ PE showed up today. This time around Burnt Orange covers the majority of the uppers. More than likely they won’t release, however if they do, we will let you know.

Nike KD 8 Texas PE

Source: UTBasketballEQ

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