Nike KD 5 - Spring 2013

Kevin Durant‘s signature footwear line is set to receive quite the upgrade from Nike Basketball with the introduction of the Nike KD 5.

With a silhouette clearly inspired by that of past Hyperdunk releases, the Leo Chang-designed silhouette once again features a Hyperfuse upper, this time coupled with an integrated stretch lacing system. The midsole uses injected Phylon construction with an integrated heel counter for a lockdown fit while the kicks now incorporate Max Air cushioning in the heel alongside Zoom in the forefoot for a feel far superior to that of past KD sneakers. To go along with all of the performance upgrades, the Nike KD 5 will be the first shoe in the KD line to break the $100 MSRP mark, jumping from the Zoom KD IV’s $95 to $115.

While all 10 of the colorways seen here are slated for a Spring 2013 release, expect the Nike KD 5 to debut this Fall with the start of the 2012-2013 NBA season.

Nike KD 5 - Spring 2013

Nike KD 5 - Spring 2013

Nike KD 5 - Spring 2013

Nike KD 5 - Spring 2013

Nike KD 5 - Spring 2013

Nike KD 5 - Spring 2013

Nike KD 5 - Spring 2013

Nike KD 5 - Spring 2013

Nike KD 5 - Spring 2013

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  1. Absolute BS that they’re $115 now. $95 was so reasonable. I’ve liked all his shoes until now. pretty let down with this copy cat design + price increase

  2. Im so disapointed… doesnt nike understand that the kd4 was becoming a popular shoe..if they used that knowledge they would have known there next move was to make the kd5 the best shoe ever
    …but no…the kd5 is ugly…..

  3. This is the biggest disappointment in the couple last months for sneakers. In my opinion, the KD4 was one of the best looking basketball shoes on and off the court ever, with hit colorways like the “Nerfs”, “Weathermans”, “Galaxies”, “Easters”, “Aunt Pearls”, and much more. Every colorway was an instant hit, and the price was amazing, making this IMO one of the greatest Nike Basketball shoes of all time.

    Theses look like a P.O.S. typical hyperdunk, maybe will be good on court, but that’s not what a lot of people look for these days. No matter what colorway they put out, there’s no way this shoe can look good. The price was raised, and basic colorways here look trash. Nike just ruined something that could’ve changed Nike Basketball forever.

    I will continue to cop Kd’s 2-4, and will never, and I repeat never, even put these on my feet.

  4. Seriously, wtf is this?? just looks like a basic hyperdunk to me, huge difference from the KD 4 and a huge step down, these are straight garbadge, i wonder what KD was thinkin when he was giving his input on what he wanted the shoe to look like, im sure he had input, super dissapointing, i feel really bad for all the KD fans out there, especially the ones who love the KD 4s, my only question to nike is WHY?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I don’t understand why they don’t give out quality materials.Leather was in the perfect shoe, not plastic.

    I like the shoes only if they were leather.

    Nike is just finding a way to raise the price pretty soon they’ll be over $140 like all the rest.They don’t care.
    Now with that recycle deal that you give back your worn shoes, it’s a lot easier to recycle plastic.

  6. Butt ugly! Come on Nike! What is this? A hyperdunk with KD on it? I really hope they change the shoe up.

  7. Ew . Really disappointing. The KD IV’s were something we’ve never seen before, but these just look like another Nike team shoe with a KD logo slapped on. On top of that, why would Kevin Durant want to wear these. I really hope this is not the final design !

  8. Wow these are ugly the KD 4 had meaning to it and there were storylines behind it but with this one it was just a Plain shoe with ugly colors

  9. I like this new version of the kd series it actually has ankle support and although it looks like the 2011 hyperdunk it still looks good and unique and I’m pretty sure that there are still going to be some exciting colorways

  10. These look ok…prefer the KD IVs though. However this design is way too similar to the new Nike Hyperaggressor, especially with the visible air unit.

  11. So they raise the price by $20 and make the shoe look like a stereotypical basketball shoe. Nice job, Nike. I will definitely NOT be buying these.

  12. For this KD V I think they need to start askin some KD sneaker heads for some advice…..after seeing this colorway for the shoes one can only look forward to specialized colorway like the Nerf, Xmas, or year of the ———–. Shoot let me give my input and we could have some fly ass “Clutch Kids”, or “Durantulas”. Make a hot, fly ass shoe based on the hot, fly ass player. KD has earned it so let him shine in some kicks that will represent his greatness.

  13. Dont listen to the above comments ….Never go off of what someone else thinks, its all about what YOU like….those above comments are from ” playerhating little nerdboys ” with nothing to do but complain about stuff…,these KD5’s are SICK…