Nike Hyperize Destro G.I. Joe Pack

Nike Basketball continues to find inspiration at the movies. Earlier this summer, the BB crew released the Transformers Pack, a collection that borrowed cues from Transformers II. This Nike Hyperize Mid “Destro” immediately draws comparisons to Destro, the villain in the latest G.I. Joe flick. ‘Stro’s silver mask is mirrored by the shoe’s shiny silver patent front, while his black/red/gold make’s up the rest of the Hyperize’s upper. The evildoer’s “Cobra” insignia is affixed to the shoe’s tongue. Nike will release the Hyperize “Destro” later this Summer.

Nike Hyperize Destro G.I. Joe Pack

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  1. yo gonzo, are u sure these come out on august 15th?? i really want a pair. the bottom is so icyyy.

  2. icy soles.

    ICY SOLES?!?!


    i'd only buy b-ball shoes with icy soles ever.

    i want these jonts now

  3. I hope these aren't another HoH exclusive. I hate that they always get every badass shoe that comes out.

  4. BADASS…I need these now, and I agree, they better not be a nother f'n HOH exclusive, cause then the only friggin way to get them is on eBay and spend too much $$…these are way better than the transformers pack too

  5. these look just as good as the cobra alphalution, def. somthin every sneaker head should have

  6. Follow up: These WILL be at HoH only. I talked to a Nike Rep. And they supposed to drop on the 15th.